Welcome to ACBC's China Ready Podcast

In light of the China Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA), opportunities for Australians to do business with China have never been greater. Reduced tairffs on exports have already made Australian goods more competitive in China and unique access for the services sector has opened the door for Australians to have unrivalled commercial access in China.

However, for some the China market can be complex and daunting. For this reason, the China Ready Podcast will look to outline how each major sector can best utilise ChAFTA and seize the opportunities the emerging Chinese middle class presents.

The China Ready Podcast will seek to:

explore the opportunities of ChAFTA by prominent export product and service industry

- explain and unravel the non-tariff barriers that businesses encounter in the China market

- interview industry leaders, government insiders and China specialists

- support the needs areas of Australian businesses in achieving deeper engagement in China

This Activity received funding from Austrade as part of the Free Trade Agreement Training Provider Grant Program

We want to hear from you.
If you have a particular area you would like us to explore that will assist in furthering your China business engagement, please write us a note below and we'll look to address it in an upcoming epsiode.