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New South Wales was the first state to initiate ‘Sister State’ links, partnering Guangdong in 1979. The commercial side of this relationship has flourished ever since. With Australia’s largest number of people with Chinese background, New South Wales is a driving force in the growing links being forged between Australia and China.

With member access to over 30 functions annually, the New South Wales branch of the Council provides unsurpassed access to business information and networking. Its network of members and includes some of China’s largest companies, along with a diverse range of investors, exporters and services companies. This makes it the perfect place to gain contemporary insights on China and develop your business network.

New South Wales Branch offers a wide range of unique member benefits, including listing in our China Business Services Directory and access for your staff to the Young Professional Ambassador Program. Its President’s Circle program offers roundtables with government and business leaders in smaller group settings.

  • ACBC NSW Business Services Directory

    ACBC NSW Business Service Directory

    This Directory covers all ACBC NSW member companies offering business services: in accounting & auditing, advertising & marketing, consulting, financial services, government, legal services, property, telecommunications & IT services.

    All companies listed in this Directory have had significant expertise and experience working in the Australia-China space, making this a one stop directory for anyone looking to find companies in the relevant field.

    Contacts for businesses are provided within the Directory, but should members wish to contact any of these companies, ACBC is also happy to provide assistance.

    To see the full Business Services Directory, please click here.

  • ACBC NSW Internship Opportunity

    ACBC NSW Internship Program

    The Australia China Business Council (ACBC) New South Wales Branch seeks interns throughout the year. As an opportunity best done in a hybrid format, primarily online but with in-person event management responsibilities at Sydney CBD venues, the internships are unpaid and will require two days per week over 14 weeks. Applicants are preferably based in Sydney, but the internship may be completed remotely in other cities. Applicants are considered on a rolling basis throughout the year.

    For more details on the internship program, and for how to apply, please click here.


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