Life Membership Nomination Notice

Life membership is a great honour that recognises and celebrates the outstanding contributions an individual has made to the organisation and in advancing the vision and purpose of the organisation.

We’re now calling for nominations for life membership!

To be eligible for nomination, the nominee and nominator must be a current and financial member at the time of nomination.

To nominate, please review the Life Membership Policy and complete the Life Membership Nomination Form

Please forward the completed form to the Company Secretary no later than 5:00pm AEDT 30/10/2023.

Once nominations have closed, the nominations will be reviewed and assessed by the nomination and remuneration committee who’ll make a recommendation to the board.

Any nomination approved by the board will be announced at the annual general meeting scheduled for 1:00pm AEDT 21/11/2023 or other time and date determined by the board.

If you have any questions or queries about the above process, please do not hesitate to contact the Company Secretary.


Mary Studdert
Company Secretary
Date:       14/09/2023