Australia’s Green Economic Future with China: ACBC Green Channel Initiative

01 Aug 2023

In 2022 Australia China Business Council established a new Net Zero Working Group to activate its Green Channel initiative, to highlight to Australian business and government the economic opportunities from greater collaboration with China on the Climate challenge.

ACBC’s Green Channel activities focussed on two key areas:

  • Insights (to bridge the gap in market understanding), and
  • Action (to bridge the gap in engagement and create new partnerships in new market areas)

In July 2022, the National Foundation for Australia-China Relations provided support for ACBC to commission a report and expand the program to include a range of events nationally – from the report’s launch at our Canberra Networking Day in September 2022, to industry-focussed and Sister-Province-supporting roundtable events.

Through it all, ACBC has been at the forefront of driving Australia’s re-engagement with China on the Green Economy.

Join us as we summarise the findings from this program and share our recommendations to the Australian Government from the learnings to date.

Date: Thursday, 10 August 2023

Time: 2:30pm-4:00pm AEST

Format: Online Livestream via Teams

Cost: Free

Event Speakers