ACBC Tas 2021 Insights Breakfast Series: The Forest Products Industry

12 Oct 2021

Forest products are a significant contributor to Tasmania’s exports at around $750 million p.a. of which more than half is exported to China. It is estimated that up to 1000 Tasmanian jobs depend directly on woodchip and sawn timber exports to China, with many more involved indirectly. Over the past year, Tasmanian whole log and timber exporters have felt the effects of import restrictions into China. Planned shipments from our State, as well as others, have not been able to enter China. At the same time, global sawn timber demand has surged due to a construction boom driven by economic stimulus packages.

Increasingly, consumers are demanding wood-based products that have been sourced from sustainably grown and managed forests. Both well-managed natural forest and plantation forest assets provide social and environmental benefits in addition to high quality fibre production, including carbon sequestration, water filtration and providing habitat for biodiversity. Assessing the full value proposition of our forest assets is challenging, but Launceston-based integrated forest plantation management and woodchip export business, Forico, has done just that.

Our next event is a chance to hear directly about the intersection of sustainably managing natural values in forests and the trade in forest products from a global industry leader, New Forests, the parent company of Forico. We will also hear why Forico’s Natural Capital Report, 2020, is one of the first of its kind in the world.

David Brand, Chief Executive Officer, New Forests will join us VIA SATELLITE to discuss the global trends in forestry investments and sustainable management for wood production.

Rayne van den Berg, Chief Financial Officer, Forico Pty Limited will present LIVE, delivering an overview of Forico’s Natural Capital Report 2020 and what it means.

Event Details:

Date: Friday 1 October 2021

Time: From 8.00am

Venue: Country Club Launceston


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