ACBC Green Channel: Australia’s Green Economy Opportunity in Asia.

18 Jul 2022
Posted By: ACBC

The new Australian Government has been busy rebuilding Australia’s credibility on the international stage with a strong ‘full-court press’ of participation in the many recent regional economic dialogues, and further reinforcing Australia’s recommitment to global environmental commitments: Green shoots for diplomacy from new team Australia.

It also seems to be conference season in Australia, with many international experts contributing to the Conference programs, filling the pages of our national media mastheads and professional social media platforms: Clean Energy. Green Finance. Green Hydrogen. Smart Energy. Industrial Transformation. 

Green shoots as well for those businesses already on the path to net zero.

One glaring omission from the speaker lists and international experts contributing to these events however has been the absence of any participation from the green industry titans and economic analysts from our biggest trading partner, China.

Some might recognise John Kerry from his Special Advisor role with the US. But should we know China’s equivalent, Xie Zhenhua?

We’re all excited about our hydrogen hubs and renewable energy zones. But have we listened to what Longi’s Li Zhenguo is up to? 

And as we come to terms with the scale of investment required to deliver on AEMO’s Integrated System Plan, have we reached out to chat with the green finance teams at CCB or ICBC?

It is this gap in understanding of what’s happening in the green economy in China that is behind our Green Channel initiative. Without understanding it is difficult to know where to begin. 

ACBC is committed to improving the understanding of the opportunities for collaboration on the climate challenge within the Australian business, and the various Federal and State policy-shaping communities.

The scale and pace, required to achieve the industrial transformation ahead demand a rethink of our opportunities for engagement with China, and the broader Asia-Pacific region.

Our participation as presenting partner at next month’s ImpactX event in Hainan provides ACBC with a platform to share our leadership in re-engagement through our Green Channel initiatives. Organised by the team behind last year’s successful ImpactX event in Sydney, ImpactX Haikou is a showcase of the type of collaboration that Australian companies are up to on the global stage.

Through our participation in the event, and hopefully your attendance online, we kick off our busy program of Green Channel activities in the run-through to the end of the year. These events include ImpactX in August, Canberra Networking Day in September, Roundtables, Podcasts, Summits, Whitepapers and Town Halls. All combining to peak at an ACBC Green Channel Summit at ImpactX’s 2022 event in Sydney in November (9-11).

With the release of our “Opportunities for collaborations on the climate challenge” White Paper in September, we’re going to be activating our membership and partnerships with other like-minded Industry Associations across Australia to ask the question, “What more could we be doing?”

On mining, energy, future fuels, domestic manufacturing, supply chain resilience, transport, mobility, finance, carbon markets, green buildings & cities, food & agriculture – where are the opportunities for collaboration? In education, tourism, new product development, standards, and certification. What capital and capabilities do we have, and what else is needed? And where will this new investment be allowed?

This is our Green Channel commitment to you.

Improving understanding. Highlighting projects. Supporting innovation. And accelerating investment.

All with the desired outcome of achieving net zero faster, together.

We welcome your entry into the channel.

For more information on how you can get involved with ACBC’s Green Channel, contact Anthony Coles, ACBC National Board Member and Chair, Net Zero Working Group. e: