Why Aussie exporters won’t be toasting China or the US

01 Mar 2021
Posted By: ACBC National

In a recent piece for the Lowy Interpreter, Greg Earl evaluates the trials of Australia’s wine industry in light of China’s anti-dumping measures that has prohibited access of Australian wine to China’s market.

“Only three months ago, Chinese customers drank 50% of Australian red wine exports. But by January, that was down to 1%, thanks to China’s tariffs of 200% or more on Australian wine.”

In addition to Australia-China political tension, Earl points to China’s long standing desire to boost its own domestic wine industry as reasons behind blocking access for Australian wine makers.

Earl also notes that Australian exporters should pay close attention to the next phase of US-China trade dealings that may impact Australia’s short-medium term export prospects.

Read the full piece on the Lowy Interpreter here.