Rethinking China with ABC China Correspondent Bill Birtles and China Matters

26 Feb 2021
Posted By: ACBC National

China Matters hosted the inaugural “Rethinking China” lecture with Bill Birtles, an in-person event on 24 February with the ABC’s most recent China Correspondent. This was the first lecture in China Matters’ 2021 Sydney Lecture Series: Rethinking China. Each month, the series will feature speakers of diverse expertise and background with the aim to inject breadth and depth into the public discussion about China.

Bill described how he sees the People’s Republic of China (PRC); why he sees the PRC as he does, and on that basis share his thoughts on what kind of China strategy Australia should pursue in the medium to long-term. In light of PRC officials’ constant criticism of Australian media we also asked Bill to talk about the media’s role in the bilateral relationship and the credibility of the Australian media in its reporting on PRC events.

View Bill’s presentation at the link below: