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    The Australia China Business Council (ACBC) Green Channel was formally launched in 2022 as a national initiative. Focussed on clear and measurable outcomes, the Green Channel is an over-arching framework designed to elevate engagement with China on trade and investment opportunities to address a shared global risk – Climate Change.

    In a multi-year program of activities, collaborations, thought-leadership, projects, and discussions, the Green Channel will help define the nature of the opportunity and provide members with the information, networks, and tools necessary to make sound commercial decisions.

    By leveraging our strengths and focussing our member activities, we expect to increase the weight and influence of our members’ endeavours on Australia’s policymakers through successful outcomes.

    What differentiates the ACBC Green Channel from similar initiatives is its focus on the commercial and business opportunities available to both Australia and China as both countries work towards net zero – faster, together.

    We believe this presents the most significant opportunity for Australian business to re-envisage a new long-term partnership with China and accelerate the development of new industries in Australia.

    Why Green Channel?

    For the security and stability of our future, we need to rigorously engage with the questions that are being posed, be clear on who we are, and define our future direction in a way that leverages our unique strengths and capacities as a nation.

    ACBC has taken up this challenge. We don’t profess to having all the answers, but we are committed to ensuring that our debate and discussions around our relationship with China are more sophisticated and nuanced. We will be working with more partners in collaborations to ensure our members have access to the very best information about what is happening in China, and to equip them to assess the nature of new opportunities and to manage new risks.

    ACBC’s Green Channel is a multi-year, multi-sector initiative supporting Australian businesses to activate the economic opportunities from greater collaboration with China on the climate challenge.

  • Report - The Climate Challenge

    Opportunities from collaboration between Australia and China

    It is with great pleasure that the Australia China Business Council presents this inaugural report, The Climate Challenge: Opportunities from Collaboration across Australia and China, under ACBC’s landmark Green Channel initiative.

    The report highlights the scale of the net zero challenge, reminds us of the fundamental importance of bilateral and multilateral trade and investment relationships, and explores those areas where there are practical and realistic opportunities for business collaboration.

    Download the report

  • Maximise Australia’s Potential in the Green Economy

    The scale of the industrial transformation required to address the climate challenge is huge. China’s green industrial transformation is well underway and the world is already working closely with China to accelerate the transition to a green economy future.

    To bridge the knowledge gap and accelerate engagement outcomes with China, ACBC’s Green Channel sets out to highlight the economic opportunities from greater collaboration with China in key industry sectors including – energy & future fuels, mining & resources, transport, green cities & urban design finance, carbon markets, food & agriculture.

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