Green Channel. White Paper. Code Red.

15 May 2022
Posted By: ACBC

The primary driver of ACBC’s Green Channel program is to improve understanding within the Australian business community of the opportunities for collaboration with China on solutions to the climate challenge.

Code Red

The science continues to mirror the lived reality of humanity as it embraces the impacts of a changing climate. From heatwaves in the sub-continent to droughts in the US. As I write this I’m sitting at a Brisbane airport at the back end of another 3-days of rain, crossing my fingers that the runways are engineered with enough runoff.

This is real people.

Reassuringly, the response from State and Territory Governments to our presentations regarding the Green Channel program continues to be positive. We look forward to facilitating successful outcomes with our Branch Green Channel champions.

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White Paper

We’re halfway through our inaugural White Paper documenting the opportunities for collaboration on climate change. Produced in partnership with King & Wood Mallesons, we are uncovering some insightful updates on projects that are already underway, and highlighting some deeper conversations that are required around what needs to happen to enable us to work together moving forward.

Save the date for our Canberra Networking Day activities in August (15-17). We’re curating some expansion on the content within the chapter topics – from Green Finance to Green Cities and beyond.

Huge thanks to the KWM team and our participating contributors.

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Green Channel

Our intent behind our Green Channel is to highlight the opportunities. Our insights sharing (Green Room) will achieve this through State-based activations of our knowledge-sharing program.

A strategic partnership with event manager ImpactX with their upcoming summits in Australia and greater Asia will provide a global platform for our Green Channel conversations. A key component of the event in November (9-11) will be State-based activations inviting Australian CleanTech and AgriTech companies to pitch for the opportunity to participate in a global pitch competition. ImpactX has secured considerable international support and will be inviting inbound delegations from Asia to Australia for this event. We’re looking forward to connecting these visitors to our Branch networks.

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It’s all go from ACBC’s Green Team.

We look forward to seeing your contribution to us achieving net-zero faster, together.

Please contact our Green Channel team to discuss how you can contribute.