The Language of Leadership: With Emeritus Professor Gary Martin

16 Nov 2020


The Language of Leadership- how and what leaders say and the impact on organisations/business is important for business productivity particularly in an international context.

This topic is timely given the analysis of President-elect Joe Biden’s acceptance speech last week – the Hope, Unity, Healing that many felt was critical. One analysis was that even if it is just words right now, it was important for people to hear them.

ACBC WA welcomes Professor Gary Martin who will discuss what might make it more difficult for people in an international business context to understand our intentions. He will cover topics such as:

– The jargon we use in business

– The nicknames we assign to people

– The acronyms we use for everything

– And. … Microaggressions

We look forward to having you join us for this important event.

Professor Gary Martin

Chief Executive Officer, The Australian Institute of Management in Western Australia (AIM WA).

Event Details

Date: Wednesday 25th November 2020

Time: 11:00am – 12pm AEST

Format: Zoom Webinar, Presentation, Q&A + Networking

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