Roundtable – China has never had a ‘normal’! New normal or old normal?

08 Jul 2020

Virtual Roundtable

Join us for an interactive discussion with industry experts who will discuss:

  • The constant need for businesses to be listening to the marketplace and consumers/partners, and how such insights should feed into marketing and operations
  • Sensitivity and awareness in social media content (dealing with political issues)
  • What roles should export and growth in China play in your broader business growth strategy and why
  • How to ensure you are building a truly differentiated brand in the eyes of the consumer and how to leverage your Australian imagery in China
  • Managing cross-channel synergies and conflicts


Richard Zhu, CFO, United Media Solution

Mike Harley, Managing Director, Xpotential

Dr Henry Shi, Lecturer, the University of Adelaide

Steve Davis, Managing Director, Talked about Marketing

Event Details

Date: Wed, 22 July 2020

Time: 12 pm – 1 pm ACST

Format: Zoom Webinar, Q&A and discussion

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