Global NSW – Setting up an Online Store for China

17 Aug 2020

Global NSW – Setting up Distribution in China

NSW Government – Global NSW and the Australia China Business Council NSW (ACBC) invite you to join the China Market Strategy series of webinars to better understand the opportunities and complexities of exporting to China.

If you are an export-ready NSW based business that is either interested in exporting to China, or already have some experience in working with China, we invite you to participate in these webinars. By participating with ACBC and the NSW Government, you will obtain new knowledge and skills to help you build your brand and achieve success in China.

These webinars will also help you prepare for future online trade shows and showcase events in China.

Event Overview:

In the fourth webinar in this series, we will be introducing options for establishing an online store to accept orders in China. It will assist companies that are interested in learning more about exporting to China, including those who will participate in upcoming virtual trade shows.

The webinar will be presented by Shanghai-based RedFern digital, which has a wealth of experience helping international brands navigate China’s online ecosystem to success.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Options for Online stores to support your virtual tradeshow presence
  • Linking in with eCommerce platforms – and which is right for you
  • Managing the costs of eCommerce platforms
  • Using discounts and promotions
  • Tips for producing repeat purchases (bundling, limited editions)


RedFern, TBA

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Time: 2pm – 3pm AEST

Format: Online Webinar via Zoom

Cost: Free

Webinar Platform – Zoom – Download Zoom on Your PC, Mac or Phone

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