Chinese language event – How to Secure Federal and State Business Incentives 联邦预算出台,出口/制造有哪些政府扶持落地的政策,补助政策详解

13 May 2021

本次讲座将以中文进行。This is a Chinese language event.
本次讲座将针对维洲公司的政府补助政策进行讲解。This event will focus on Victorian Business incentives provided by the Government.

AUGRANTS 为您分享关于出口,研发,制造业,本地展会,垃圾回收等澳洲全系列补助。AUGRANTS已协助其数百客户申请超1000万澳元补助。本次讲座,将用中文为您分享澳洲补助全系列政策。
您可借此次机会了解更多有关获得此资金的所需步骤。 本次讲座会包括内容丰富的演讲以及实时问答环节。
To date, AUGRANTS has helped its customers apply for more than $10m worth of grants.
In this webinar, AUGRANTS will share information about exporting, Manufacture, Local event, RD, all kinds of grants, funds, rebates and tax incentives available to exporters.
This is your opportunity to learn more about the steps required to gain access to this funding. The webinar includes an informative presentation plus a live Q & A.