ACBC NSW Webinar: The Changing Education Landscape in China

09 Jul 2021

Education Technology (Edtech) has enabled students’ learning experience to be more engaging and inclusive. With its rapid development in China, private companies like the Golden Education Group have emerged as important players in the field.

Much of the discussion regarding international education and China focusses upon the “return” of often undergraduate students from China to Australia. The question that is less often asked is, whether indeed this will happen and in addition, are there other broader trends in play that will either substitute for or detract from the growth of onshore education in Australia? Will a combination of changing demographics, a shift towards in-China employment, post graduate course work education, together with professional certification and work experience, reduce or lead to lowered demand growth for onshore education in Australia?

Join Terry Hilsberg, Venture Partner of Innohub Capital, and Vivian Fan, Managing Director of Golden Education Australia, to explore the evolving trends in online education from student enrolment to job placement, and how Australia can reinforce its role as a global leader in the education sector.

Date: Wednesday, 4 August 2021
Time: 12 pm – 1pm AEST
Format: Webinar
Price: $20 ACBC Members (+ GST & Booking Fee), $50 General Admission (+ GST & Booking Fee)

Speaker Bios

Terry Hilsberg, Venture Partner, Innohub Capital
Terry Hilsberg is a private investor in early-stage companies and blockchain networks. He made his first education investment and became a founder of an early-stage tech company in China in 1998. Since then, he has made more such investments and founded a number of companies in China. He also sits on the Study NSW Advisory Board, providing a voice from the Edtech industry.

Vivan Fan, Managing Director, Golden Education Australia
Vivan is the Managing Director of Golden Education Australia. Vivian has rapidly grown the business over three years to some 40 staff, even during the current pandemic. She holds undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in finance from the University of Sydney. Vivian commenced her career at the University of Sydney as a financial analyst. She then travelled to Myanmar and became a finance manager for a social enterprise. Before returning to Australia, she was a senior finance lecturer for Golden Education in Shanghai.

Both Terry and Vivian are based at Haymarket HQ Sydney.