Australia Welcomes You 澳大利亚欢迎你

05 Jul 2020
Posted By: ACBC National

ACBC is supporting a new campaign led by Australian businesses and universities sending a message to reassure prospective tourists and students that Australia is safe and welcoming.

People-to-people connections and business relationships remain strong between Australia and China, based on decades of friendship, family connections and economic cooperation.

The hashtag #AustraliaWelcomesYou can be shared via social media with a personal message to our Chinese friends. And for those wanting to write some Chinese, consider writing the Chinese “Welcome!”: 欢迎!

The Australia Welcomes You campaign follows on from ACBC’s We Stand With China campaign earlier in the year.

Anyone wanting to show their support can download a poster to share here – AUSTRALIA WELCOMES YOU

When posting to social media, please add the hashtag #AUSTRALIAWELCOMESYOU