ACBC Green Channel: Collaboration Celebration

18 Jun 2022
Posted By: ACBC

As we settle into the winter solstice, ACBC’s Green Team is burning the midnight oil (bio-ethanol) to bring to ACBC’s members our Green Channel program for FY23.

Priority number one right now is working through the final chapter content of our inaugural white paper, ‘Opportunities for collaboration on the climate challenge’, with huge thanks going to the content team at King & Wood Mallesons.

Produced with the intent to be a conversation starter for a new era of collaborative cross-border engagement, the discovery phase of the paper has brought into the light the many areas of opportunity for collaboration.

Chapter one defines our shared challenges in transforming traditional industries, and the opportunities for technological innovation on the road to net zero. The scale of the changes is huge, and so too are the opportunities.

How do we embrace these challenges within a new collaborative lens to achieve net-zero faster, together?

Chapter two dips into the data behind the new energy era ahead of us on the journey to CO2 peaking headline targets. Can we electrify everything? What opportunities does a renewable grid create? How do we embrace foreign capital and capabilities within a program of transformation that can shift our domestic economy up the ladder of economic complexity?

Chapter three is a fortune teller’s view into the crystal ball of the role that ‘future-facing’ minerals will play in our decarbonisation era mining and resources sector. Some great developments already underway here reinforcing Australia’s leadership role in achieving net zero goals globally.

Chapter four highlights the new employment opportunities and the learnings-at-scale to be gained in transport and mobility. The growth of new industries and new markets for Australia in the support of these new developments for transport (and fuels) for land, air and sea.

Chapter five sets out the global growth in green cities and uses case studies in China and Australia to illustrate the scope of collaboration opportunities..

Chapter six finds out how we’re going to fund everything through an investigation into the booming carbon markets and green capital flows. Who’s setting the Green Finance taxonomies? And what role is Australia playing at the head table of green project finance allocation and reporting?

Chapter seven caps off the collaboration celebration by highlighting the many opportunities for Australia’s food and agribusiness sector in greening the food sector, from paddock to plate.

Chapter eight wraps us with questions about what these all means for business. What are the further questions we need to ask?  There are many more opportunities to explore on the benefits of people-to-people exchange, standard-setting, new skills development (education), and (green) tourism. 

We welcome feedback from members on their experiences (look out for white paper two) and  look forward to bringing this exciting content to you and beginning the dialogue about ‘what now’ at our Green Channel and White Paper launch events.

Join us at our annual Canberra Networking Day in August for a deep dive and panel discussion.

Contact the Green Team to organise your own roundtable briefings, or for more information on the Green Channel program in 2022/23.