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Event Recap - Etiquette, Negotiation and Cultural Sensitivity

19 July 2017

The importance of etiquette and cultural sensitivity when doing business with China was the focus of our roundtable event with Chin Communications at International Chamber House on 19 July.

Our guest speakers were Ms Kate Ritchie, CEO, and Mr Charles Qin OAM, Managing Director and Chief Interpreter, Chin Communications. They provided insight into the skills, protocols and language issues you need to be aware of when negotiating and conducting business with China, with an emphasis on how to avoid potential pitfalls and communication problems with Chinese counterparts.

In 2017 Chin Communications celebrated 25 years of great communications. They are the largest in-house Chinese translation company in Australia, offering services such as Chinese interpreting, Chinese translation, Chinese cultural training, Chinese branding and assistance with Chinese social media.

Kate and Charles’ presentation covered a wide range of topics from building collaborative relationships with Chinese (culture and etiquette, relationships, body language, meetings, business cards); wining and dining; working with interpreters and translators; and protecting your brand. The key takeaways were:

  • The importance of relationships, hierarchy, title and terms of address
  • Getting the language right with your own interpreter by your side
  • Ensuring that key messages and documents are well translated
  • Patience and listening carefully
  • Appropriate body language when communicating face to face
  • Protecting your brand with the right Chinese name that has been registered first
  • And many other relevant insights from Kate and Charles' many years working at the highest levels of the Australia China business relationship

The presentations were followed by the chance for Q&A and further networking opportunities.

We kindly thank Kate and Charles for their insightful presentations and for their support of ACBC Victoria. We also thank Brown Brothers for sponsoring the gifts for the speakers. Lastly we would like to thank all those who attended for sharing their experiences and contributing greatly to the session.