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Event Recap - Essential Chinese Phrases for Doing Business with China

14 June 2017

The next event in ACBC Victoria’s SME Briefing Series was held on 14 June at International Chamber House, and focused on essential Chinese phrases for doing business with China.  Held in partnership with the Confucius Institute at the University of Melbourne, the event welcomed guest speakers Ms Luna Tai, Chinese Language Teacher and Mr Thomas Day, External Relations Manager.

Participants in the session were taught how to perform basic greetings, self-introduction and expressions for daily communication, and learned the pronunciation of Chinese words and names. Attendees were also given a translation of their business names and positions, as well as a unique and personalized Chinese name based on their real name. As many of the guests at this event are scheduled to depart for business trips to China over the coming weeks, the basic language and intercultural communication skills taught were of immediate benefit.

ACBC Victoria would like to extend our thanks to all who attended the session. We would also like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Luna and Thomas for their practical and engaging presentation.