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Event Recap - How to Influence Chinese Consumers Effectively

17 May 2017

Consumer values, understanding the difference between Chinese and Western consumers and how to influence them, were the focus of our luncheon seminar held on 17 May at Hall & Wilcox.

The proceedings began with a welcome from Mark Inston, Partner at Hall & Wilcox. This was followed by a presentation from guest speaker Robert Masters, Director at Robert Masters & Associates. The seminar offered a rich insight into some of the established and emerging trends in Chinese consumer behaviour as well as practical advice for companies seeking to better engage with the Chinese market.

In providing an overview of China today from a consumer perspective, Robert highlighted the fundamental importance of possessing cultural understanding in all business dealings with China. Factors including trust, societal changes, collectivism and thoughtful messaging were considered especially important in any strategy, allowing companies to better recognise and adapt to China’s cultural practices.

For businesses looking to successfully enter the Chinese market, the advice was clear - if possible, ensure your organisation has a local Chinese partner who deeply understands China’s cultural framework. Uncertainties in this area can be particularly costly to organisations who do not have a partner or otherwise fail to do their own research around China’s complex cultural and consumer practices.

ACBC Victoria extends its thanks to Hall & Wilcox for generously hosting this event and to Robert Masters for sharing his insight and experience.