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Event Recap - Hong Kong - A 'Super Connector' Linking China and the World

23 March 2017

Hong Kong’s role as a ‘super connector’ linking China and the world, as well as opportunities in financial services and technology, were the focus of our roundtable event with Mr Charles Ng, Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion, Invest Hong Kong.

Charles began his presentation by outlining a number of unique aspects that make Hong Kong such a conducive place to do business. Its location at the heart of Asia - namely its proximity to the Chinese market - common law system, and low and simple tax environment are all key features. Further, Hong Kong’s respect for transparency, corporate governance and predictability also ensure a free economic environment allowing for the movement of goods, capital and people.

Charles continued by emphasising Hong Kong as Asia’s premier location for Corporate Treasury Centres and its claim to be the only financial centre in the world with real time gross settlement in Dollars, RMB and Euro. Another notable feature is the city’s ability to straddle both east and west social media platforms.

Charles moved on to outline sectors with significant growth potential including financial and professional services, trading, supply chain and logistics, as well as tourism. Upcoming sectors also include fintech, aged care and health tech, smart manufacturing and e-commerce.

Charles’ presentation was followed by an interaction Q&A session, allowing for more in-depth discussion on specific issues.

We kindly thank Charles for his time and expertise, as well as Dr Luca Leonardis from Invest Hong Kong for his facilitation of the event. We also extend our thanks to all those who attended.