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Event Recap - Victoria's International Health Strategy and China

28 March 2017

The in-depth presentation on 28 March by Ms Melissa Arduca, Assistant Director of Innovation, Industry and International Health and Mr Jason Sun, Head of Engagement (Greater China), Department of Health and Human Services, provided insights into the Victoria’s current International Health Strategy and emerging Chinese health care sectors.  

An initiative of our Health & Medical Research Working Group, the session provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the potential competitiveness of the Victorian health sector in terms of its design, research, quality and long term strategies; and the opportunities presented by the emerging Chinese market.  

Melissa outlined the State Government’s International Health Strategy, and how maintaining a global leadership position in the area assists in providing the best healthcare to all Victorians. The strategy is focused on the implementation of three central approaches:

  1. International engagement
  2. Industry development
  3. Knowledge transfer and innovation

She stressed that while the Victorian health industries are very competitive in the global market, there are still various challenges that hinders its engagement with new markets. She emphasised the need for Australian companies to further understand local markets and develop local partnerships. 

Jason followed with an in-depth market analysis of the emerging Chinese healthcare sector, providing information about its growth trajectory, government policies and the various demographics present in the market. He pointed out that while the Chinese healthcare industry is saturated with significant global competition, Australian companies are well positioned for growth due to the current favourable political and economic environment. The aged care and pharmaceutical sectors were highlighted to have the most potential within the Chinese healthcare market.

Jason concluded his presentation with an examination of why Australian ventures fail in China. He advised companies to develop a deeper business understanding regarding the roll relationships play in doing business in China. He recommended that organisations possess cultural skills and capable staff in order to better engage the Chinese market. 

We kindly thank Melissa and Jason for sharing their expertise and insights on this exciting sector. We also extend our thanks to those who attended and participated in the Q & A session, offering their experiences, insights and questions, which contributed greatly to the highly engaging session.