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Event Recap - Kunming Medical University Delegation

07 December 2016

ACBC Victoria hosted four delegates from Kunming Medical University (KMU) during their visit to Melbourne on 7 December, to discuss the opportunities for collaboration with Australian health and medical research institutes. Representatives from Austrade and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services were also in attendance. Since being established in 1933, KMU has had a long history of working closely with health institutes in France, Australia, Thailand and the US, amongst others.

Following light refreshments, an introduction and welcome was given by ACBC Vice President and Chair of the Health and Medical Research Working Group, Ms Lisa Renkin. This was followed by a brief video presentation to provide an overview of KMU. In their presentation, the KMU delegates outlined the specific health areas which they have identified as priorities. These include rural health, mental health, health reform and academic collaboration.

The discussion concluded with closing remarks from Lisa, who emphasised the scope for collaboration between Victorian and Chinese health and medical institutions. The success of the discussion was highlighted by the informal talks which followed the official conclusion of the event. ACBC would like to extend their thanks to the Kunming Medical University delegation for their time and effort in visiting us at International Chamber House, and also to the ACBC members who attended.