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Event Recap - How to Build a Targeted and Authentic Strategic Network

06 December 2016

ACBC Victoria welcomed Mr Jon Burgess, Founder and Director of Kwan, to speak about how best to identify the essential business connections that will lead to your professional success.

Jon specialises in the development of meaningful, authentic relationships and an ecosystem to work collaboratively within and across organisations. 

After a welcome from Ms Virginia Birrell, ACBC Victoria CEO, Jon provided insight into how to build key and strategic relationships with people who can help you achieve your professional goals. His presentation included observations and lessons he has learned over 20 years in communications, management, advocacy and consulting.

Jon began by asking how companies and organisations determine connectedness. Usually this is an assumptive matter, but in Jon’s view ‘connectedness’ is something that needs to be gaged in order to enhance the performance of a company. Jon emphasised that individuals won’t be able to advance if they haven’t built a collaborative community and their organisation won’t be able to advance if their connections don’t bring in something beyond their immediate offering to them. Many companies Jon has dealt with have lost money because the connections of the employees are not relevant.

For Jon, three behaviours are key in forming networks; generosity, curiosity and consciousness. It is vital to be generous, to find time, to learn from others and to be conscious when meeting with people. You should not only be focusing on the person you are meeting, but also be thinking of others. Further, three questions you should be asking yourself are; who did I meet, what did I learn and what can I share? It is important that other people know what is important to you, and that you know what is important to them.  Jon also stressed the need to protect your relationships to allow them to grow.

Jon’s presentation was followed by an interactive Q&A session which touched on topics such as how to encounter challenges when trying to connect with people, preparedness to build relationships, the importance of kindness and identifying clues in conversations.

Jon finished by highlighting the need to assess whether you have the right people around you who will advocate for you and get you to where you want to go. By adopting his prescribed behavioural shift, you will be able to build connectedness, character and capability.

ACBC Victoria warmly thanks Jon for his time and expertise. We also thank all those who attended for contributing to the session.