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Private Screening - 'Red Obsession' with Co-Director, David Roach

04 September 2013

ACBC Victoria hosted a private screening of the highly acclaimed Australian film Red Obsession. Red Obsession explores, from various perspectives, the market shift for rare, expensive Bordeaux wines from the US to the booming Chinese market, where the wines have become a representation of class and social status.

The film begins by highlighting the perspective of various Bordeaux winemakers on the history of their wineries, leading on to their comments on how the rising Chinese demand for their wines has required them to adapt and adjust their approach in selling and marketing their product, while maintaining their labels reputation.

Chinese wine-fever has resulted in an unprecedented consumption of Bordeaux wines, with investors looking to purchase the top wines from the best growing years and subsequently selling for profit purposes. David Roach, the films co-director, conducted an exclusive Q & A session for our guests on the night. David provided a further insight into the process of shooting and co-producing the film, including various experiences with the Bordeaux growers, international wine critics and the Chinese wine collectors.

The film generated great interest from guests, including attendees from the wine, finance, legal and media sectors who actively contributed to the discussion on the future of the Chinese wine market.

A special thank you to Brown Brothers for providing the wine for this event.

To view the trailer of the film, please click here.

A most fascinating documentary about the wine industry
- David and Margaret, ABC

East challenges West in the battle for the best of the bottle.
- Sydney Morning Herald

A wonderful film
- Robert De Niro