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Event Recap: Grants Assistance Programs for Business Growth

04 August 2016

A collaborative initiative by the chambers of International Chamber House, this event was developed as a demonstration of the strong relationship between different levels of Government and the Chambers and Government, as well as their collective wish to help businesses grow sustainably. The function was a great success, attracting over 130 attendees, many of whom stayed until well after the presentations concluded in order to take full advantage of the opportunity to network with like-minded, enthusiastic business leaders and government representatives.  
Federal, State and Local Government representatives
 spoke about their grants and assistance programs and demonstrated their effectiveness with real world case studies. These companies had accessed various grants in order to significantly grow their organisations. The discussion sought to emphasise that assistance is available to all, whether this is companies and organisations operating in Australia and/or working in international trade and investment as start-ups, mature operations seeking sustainability, or organisations wishing to expand their market presence or move into new markets. 
The evening's program continued with case studies from two independent businesses who had successfully been provided with assistance from one of the grants. The first case study came from Laser Resources Management (LRM Technologies). Kheang Khauv, their Managing Director, spoke about the Industry Skills Fund (ISF) and how his somewhat confused start became an enjoyable process of learning. This ultimately ended in a significant grant being awarded to the company, which allowed LRM to refocus their strategic vision and subsequently align their internal skills.
Global Education Solutions (GES) Managing Director, Racquel Shroff, then spoke of her experiences in obtaining the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) through Austrade. This enabled her company to develop a scalable model capable of servicing the global education needs of any region. Without this grant, Racquel said, they could not have grown outside Australia. They are now permanently represented in India and Malaysia with their head office here in Australia.
At the start of the night less than 9% of attendees indicated they had accessed any form of government grant. By the end, over 23% had identified a grant they were going to follow up. 

The chambers of International Chamber House extend our special thanks to the event sponsor Mr Don Moore, Skills Adviser at Navitas (Melbourne region) and ICH Manager, Ms Margaret Brett, and we look forward to future collaboration.