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Event Recap: Hong Kong's Logistics and Industry Advantages and Australia's Prime Position

09 August 2016

On Tuesday 9 August, ACBC welcomed Mr Benjamin Wong, Head of the Transport and Industrial Team at Invest Hong Kong to discuss the opportunities stemming from Hong Kong’s unique geographic position as a gateway to China and its strong advantages with access to transport and logistics hubs, lower taxes and its status as a special administrative region, to name a few.

Benjamin began by delivering an overview of the Hong Kong market. He highlighted Hong Kong’s business friendly environment, particularly its low and simple tax system, its role as a prime conduit for FDI and its advantageous position in the heart of Asia, thus allowing it to act as a global super connector. Benjamin continued this presentation by emphasising areas of opportunity for Australian businesses in Hong Kong in the subsectors of industrial equipment and materials, aviation, express and road transportation industries, logistics and supply chain management industries, the maritime industry and infrastructure.

The informative presentation was followed by an engaging Q&A session, the round table event providing the perfect setting for detailed discussion and subsequent networking opportunities.

We kindly thank Benjamin for his time and expertise and extend our thanks to Dr Luca De Leonardis from InvestHK for facilitating the event.