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Event Recap: Anhui Delegation

14 July 2016

On July 14 2016, ACBC hosted an Austrade delegation from China’s Anhui Province at the International Chamber House. The delegation was visiting Australia to promote the upcoming 2016 Jiangsu International Agriexpo that will be held on 23-25 September and to announce plans for the launch of the first International Agriexpo to be held in Anhui province. The annual Agriexpo is China’s largest agricultural expo organised by the provincial government in Jiangsu, a province with which Australia has had a strong sister state relationship for 37 years. Speakers from the visiting delegation expressed enthusiasm about plans for the Anhui provincial government to emulate this event in their own region later this year, with a focus on international investment and trade cooperation in the agriculture sector, promoting projects and new technology initiatives in the region.

Guests first heard from Tian Chuanchun, Deputy Director at Anhui Provincial Livestock Genetic Resources Reservation Centre, who delivered an overview of Anhui’s current and future agriculture and livestock collaboration initiatives. Guests were then introduced to Sun Zhihui from Hefei Boda Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Development and Liu Guang, General Manager at Lin Huai Liverstock Breeding. Both speakers introduced their respective companies and their plans for future growth into domestic and international agricultural markets.

The formal proceedings were closed with a farewell from ACBC Victoria President the Hon Ken Smith and an opportunity for networking.

Update and further details: 
Mr Liu Guang from Shouxian County Lin Huai Animal Husbandry Co. indicates that some of the visiting delegates will likely be returning to Australia in September for a more in depth exploration into the opportunities for trade and collaboration in Victoria. Dates and further details will be discussed at a later time. Green Yang, Senior Trade Advisor for Agriculture & Food at the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, has highlighted further upcoming events and opportunities in China’s agribusiness sector.
  • The Anhui government and local companies plan to optimise their goat and sheep farming capabilities and to speed up their supply of goat and sheep meat to the market
  • We are likely to see increased export opportunities for Australian agribusiness companies to China, including consultancy & technology support in subjects such as nutrition, food safety and waste management
  • Anhui provincial government plans to increase collaboration between Chinese and Australian universities that will build international education opportunities for students from both Australia and China. 
  • This September, a conference on wool production and export is set to be held in Jiangsu Province.