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Event Recap: Latest Trends and Opportunities in the China and Hong Kong Markets

03 June 2016

On Friday June 3, ACBC was pleased to welcome Mr Thomas Wong, Founding Partner at CWCC Certified Public Accountants and Investment Promotion Ambassador at InvestHK, to International Chamber House. ACBC was also pleased to welcome Mr Luca De Leonardis, Head of Investment Promotion for Australia and New Zealand at InvestHK.

Thomas presented information and advice for Australian businesses looking to expand into Hong Kong, touching on key topics such as the rule of law, economic freedom, IP law, and business networking. With an open economy and attractive tax policies, as well as its central position in Asia, Hong Kong is not only an ideal location for companies, but is also a launch pad for foreign businesses expanding into Mainland China and other countries in Asia. Additionally, Thomas discussed China’s One Belt One Road initiative and its implications for international trade and cooperation, underlining ways in which Australia can capitalise from the policy setting.

Thomas opened the floor up to questions from the guests who were interested to know more about Hong Kong’s cultural nuances, its trade connections and its role as a business hub and distribution centre for foreign products into Asia. Both Thomas and Luca shared information about where companies can turn to for assistance and support when setting up in Hong Kong as well as bestpractice methods to employ once established. We would like to thank Thomas Wong for donating his time to present his insights and experiences.

We extend our thanks also to Luca for facilitating the event; and to the Hon Ken Smith, President of ACBC Victoria, for welcoming our guests and speakers and for contributing to the discussion.