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Event Recap: Attracting Property Investors from China

20 May 2016

On Tuesday 20 May, ACBC Victoria welcomed Mr Gavin Norris, Head of Australia for - China’s largest international property site - to present on attracting property investors from China.

Gavin began his presentation by highlighting the key motivations behind Chinese investment in Australian property; education, lifestyle and travel, emigration and investment in international property are all potent factors driving Chinese decisions. Of these, education is by far the most prominent reason, with Juwai Chinese consumers increasingly saying that education is their motivation for investing. 61.1% of all Juwai enquiries in 2015 were linked with education, rising from 29.1% in 2014. The main focus is on undergraduate and post-graduate qualifications, however demand for secondary education is also rising.

Opportunities also exist in terms of investors interested in travel. China is Australia’s most valuable tourism market, with over 1 million Chinese visitors arriving in Australia last year. Yet 120 million Chinese tourists travelled globally in 2015. This highlights that Australia is well placed to pursue long term engagement with Chinese tourism and to capitalise on the growing interest in property investment from those travelling.

Gavin then moved on to characterise the Chinese consumers investing in Australian property. They can be broken down into three key segments; buyers from mainland China, Chinese buyers living internationally and Chinese buyers living in Australia. These online property shoppers have an average budget of $700,000 and most are aged between 35-45 years old. Further, the majority of investors’ readiness to invest falls within the 7-12 month time span, indicating a focus on long term investment horizons.

Gavin also explained how the Chinese make contact. This is done in one of three ways; through family and friends in country, in person in country or though the Juwai consumer support centre in China.

Finally, Gavin spoke of investment trends in Australia. Melbourne and Victoria remain the top city and state for Chinese property investment. In 2015, Juwai valued the Melbourne consumer enquiry value as $US488 million followed by a $US341 million consumer enquiry value for Sydney.

Gavin’s presentation was followed by an informative Q&A session and networking opportunities.

We kindly thank Gavin for his time and expertise. We also extend our thanks to ShineWing Australia for generously hosting the event, and to all those who attended.