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Event Recap: Breaking Through the Bamboo Ceiling - A Roundtable for Young Executives

22 March 2016

On Tuesday 22 March, ACBC Victoria hosted a roundtable for young, Chinese-born executives with guest speaker Mr Morry Morgan, Managing Director, ClarkMorgan Corporate Training. Held at Singapore Airlines, 25 attendees joined to hear:

  • How to present succinct and impactful presentations with a ‘Key Message’ which creates change in your audience
  • How to write influential emails using the ‘Problem, Cause, Effect, Solution and Consequence’ method
  • How to better understand your Australian colleagues through the ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming’ (NLP) communication model

Morry highlighted to attendees the importance not so much of what you say as a presenter, but more what the audience remembers. Therefore, presentations with a key message should also be personal, as well as include an action and a benefit. Presenters should seek to avoid using ‘weak’ actions in their presentations - for instance, know, believe and think – and instead employ strong ‘call to action’ words in their presentations to invoke behaviour change in their audience.

Writing emails using the ‘problem, cause, effect, solution and consequence’ method ensures you are presenting succinct information efficiently and proactively, as well as minimising the potential for misunderstandings.

Morry also presented on the Neuro-Linguistic Programming communication model and how to utilise it for better overall understanding.  Key messages were how to recognise the connotations present in certain language, the different filters individuals have (such as language, memory, pre-conceptions, meta-programs, etc.) and how to interact with people who have different outlooks.

We kindly thank Singapore Airlines for hosting the event, as well as Morry Morgan for his informative and engaging presentation. To view his slides, please
 click here.