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Every NBL game available live in China

05 October 2016

In a first for Australian sport, the National Basketball League today announced that every game of the 2016/17 Season will be shown live in China, complete with Mandarin Chinese commentary and a bespoke Chinese graphics package.
Ali Sports and Sina Sports will both stream every game live on their platforms.
Ali Sports, a subsidiary of the World’s largest e-commerce company Alibaba Group, will show every game live on its streaming platform Youku.  Often referred to as the ‘YouTube of China’, Youku is also a part of the Alibaba group of companies with one billion streams daily and 50 million unique daily visits to the site.
Sina Sports, China’s largest and longest-running digital sports media platform, will also stream every game live on its digital network, including on its website (, mobile site, and Sina Sports APP. Sina Sports is a subsidiary of Chinese web giant,, the largest online portal for Chinese web users around the globe. The group also owns and operates Sina Weibo, one of China’s main social media platforms. Sina Weibo is often referred to as “China’s Twitter,” boasting over 300 million active users. NBL games and content will be receiving special posts and promotion on Sina Weibo in addition to live games on Sina Sports throughout the partnership.
Each of the NBL’s Chinese media partners will also maintain dedicated sites featuring game highlights and player interviews translated and subtitled for local audiences.
NBL General Manager Jeremy Loeliger said it was an exciting day in Australian basketball to partner with a host of such innovative international partners, who between them have lead an unprecedented growth in online sporting consumption.
“Each of our Chinese media partners individually has a subscriber base that is greater than anything ever experienced by an Australian sport on a regular basis.  Collectively, their reach is almost inconceivable and for our League to be potentially viewed by millions of fans each week across their digital platforms with local commentary and subtitles is nothing short of a new frontier for Australian sport.”
“We are delighted that our partners have chosen to support and embrace our vision to grow the game and the League and we look forward to a hugely successful 2016/17 season working with each of them as a key strategic partner in the region.”
NBL Executive Director Larry Kestelman said this was yet another step on the path to collaborating more extensively with China, and Asia as a whole, to grow the League and the sport.
“Basketball is one of the most popular sports in China, a country with a population of more than 1.3 billion people, so the reach and expansion potential for the NBL is immense.”
“We have made no secret of our desire to see the League expand and strengthen further. In the long term we see Asia having a greater involvement across our Australian NBL season.”
“This is an exciting partnership for us,” said Arthur Wei, Senior Vice President of and General Manager of Sina Sports. “Basketball is of course one of the most followed sports in China, and we have great expectations for how the NBL will be received by our users in China. One advantage the NBL has is the timing of the games, which will be in the late afternoon and early evening in China, making league games much easier to watch than even the NBA in this market.”
“The NBL is a visionary organisation, and we were impressed with their focus, dedication, and strategic approach towards the Chinese market. We are honoured to partner with them.”
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