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Event Recap: Melbourne Complementary Health Products Expo

27 June 2016

Between June 27 and June 29, ACBC Victoria supported the China Medical Pharmaceutical Material Association (CMPMA), the only pharmaceutical retail chain association in China, for the inaugural Australia-China Complementary Health Products Expo at the Pullman Hotel, Albert Park. The Expo marked the opening of the first Complementary Healthy Product Association Inc (CHPA) overseas branch in Melbourne.  CHPA aims to establish branches in 30 countries across the world. 

The Expo hosted over 400 high level delegates from China and over 200 Australian pharmaceutical and health products companies. Due to China’s position as Australia’s biggest trading partner, and the increased focus by Chinese consumers on Australian health products, companies were eager to showcase their products to help them gain access to China’s growing market. Chinese consumers increasingly value Australian health products for our quality assurances, medical technology and clean production practices.

The Expo also welcomed visitors with interests in Australia’s pharmaceutical industry who were looking to learn more about the new range of products, the increasing demand for Australian pharmaceuticals in China and how Australian companies are reacting. The Expo provided the opportunity to learn from experts in the field through networking and numerous presentations by Australian and Chinese business leaders from within the industry.
ACBC thanks its members who participated in the exhibition and welcomes all businesses who are interested in growing their knowledge of the China market to contact us.