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UPDATE: South Australia-China Internship Program

13 May 2016

Are you doing business with China but don't have first hand infomation about the country? Do you have Chinese guests visiting but don't have anyone who can speak the language to help you?

Join us in an internship program where you can host Chinese international students from one of the three top universities in SA who will work as an intern and help you with all things China related.

These Students are involved in a range of studies such as marketing, business development, accountancy, law, the sciences and more.

The program is open to any size business or Local Government who are members of ACBC (SA) and which are active in, or seeking to be active in the Chinese marketplace and have an articulated China engagement strategy.

For more information or to register as in intern host, contact Xiaojiao Li (Project Officer at the Confucius Institute) at

Case Study:

Mengyuan Zhong has sucessfully been involved in an internship program with Gulf Marina while studying her Masters of Wine Business. Mengyuan worked by utilising her marketing skills to reach the Chinese market. She was active in posting through her official account on the wechat, document translation and treating and liaising with Chinese visitors and investors. For her posts on the wechat, she was required to write articles and do coverage on scenery and entertainment activities in the Marina Hindmarsh Island (TMHM), several competitions in the TMHI, editing and posting videos. She has translated documents such as promotional information, property information, several brochures and menus. In addition, she also came up with itineraries and some long-term marketing plans.
The most valued aspect of this internship for Mengyuan was gaining work experience in Australia which will be beneficial for seeking employment in the future. Along side of this, it not only improved her communication skills, but also widened her social network. She found everyone within her workplace was treated equally and easy-going.