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Member Spotlight: 5 Minutes With Michael Chandler, Founder And Executive Producer Of Primex Connect

ACBC (NSW) Member Spotlight: 5 minutes with… Michael Chandler, Founder and Executive director of PrimeX Connect



Michael Chandler is Founder and Executive Director of PrimeX Connect, Australia’s first digital marketplace and customisable trading software for the sale of wholesale global wholesale meat products.

PrimeX Connect processors and exporters of wholesale meat (beef, lamb, goat, chicken and pork) to connect with global buyers via technology, improving the ease of doing business through a custom-built ecommerce platform.  

Tell us about your business and how you've leveraged your Australia-China connections to build your success in China?

PrimeX Connect is an online marketplace and purpose-built red meat trading software that connects buyers and sellers of B2B global red meat trade. Via the PrimeX marketplace, Chinese buyers can now access and establish relationships with trusted red meat exporters from Australia, New Zealand and LATAM. 

We automate and digitise the search, match, negotiation and transactional elements of the global red meat supply chain. We also reduce risk and significantly increase operational efficiency by taking out manual and paper-based trade confirmations and having to manually enter data in to multiple internal systems. 

For Global B2B Red Meat Companies who need a simple way to view and share information PrimeX Connect is a platform that streamlines the sales process. Unlike the fragmented way of doing business today our product offers teams the ability to make better business decisions. 

What does a typical day look like for you and what are you currently working on

I’m currently working on presenting and showing PrimeX Connect at the inaugural China International Import Expo which is being held this November in Shanghai.  PrimeX Connect will have a booth at the Expo so I’m heavily involved in making sure we are well prepared for that. I am also presenting PrimeX Connect at the Meat Industry Council of America (MICA) AGM in the US in October. 

China and the US are strategically critical for Australian red meat export both now and into the future. Increasing our market share in these two buying markets is my highest priority. 

What would you say are the five key elements for starting and running a successful business in/with China?

  • Engage with and leverage Chinese and Australian Government and Business Agencies on the ground before you do anything! The advice you receive on how to do business in China is invaluable.
  • Be patient. Relationships and trust take time, effort and work so you must be able to stay the course and build trust and respect. You have to earn trust!
  • Be culturally sensitive and accommodating. English is the default language in the global red meat trade however, new market entrants (and existing market participants) sometimes need a helping hand. We provide Mandarin interface and local support in mainland China to assist and support our Chinese customers.
  • Be authentic. I'm very passionate about PrimeX and the value we bring our Chinese customers so I let my Chinese customers know PrimeX is here to change the way they trade red meat with the world, PrimeX is here to add value improve efficiency and have a positive impact on their business.
  • Be conscience of the big picture. It can be easy to get blinded by the bright lights of the China consumer power. The potential is enormous but, you must do the little things right every day to achieve mutually beneficial goals. 

How do you go about marketing your business in Australia/China and what has contributed to this success?

We have partnered with Government and Semi-Government Agencies both here and in China to make introductions and get us a foot in the door. From there, we have worked with our Chinese partners to build business relationships. We have also attended industry trade shows in China Such as SIAL in Shanghai earlier this year and the Import Expo in November. 

You have been very successful to date, but there have no doubt been challenges - what's been your biggest challenge that you have overcome in your business journey with China?

Changing the way B2B red meat is traded. We are changing behaviour and this takes time. Before PrimeX, red meat was traded via phone, fax, email, text, wechat, whatsapp, post it notes etc and a combination of all of the above. PrimeX is a centralised dashboard that houses all your communications and negotiations with trading counterparts. We are version 2.0 for the global red meat industry. Our global customers, especially our Chinese buyers understand and are willing to embrace ecommerce and the way to business of the future. PrimeX is leading the way for this positive change in our industry. 

What's your motto/mantra?

At PrimeX Connect, our mantra is "To change the way the world trades food"..... and we're do that!