Welcome 欢迎

Huanying” (欢迎) means “Welcome”, and is the working title of a Retail & Tourism Operator Education program initiated by ACBC in South Australia. www.welcomehuanying.com 

The program aims to provide support services for local businesses to make Chinese visitors feel more welcome, through a network of operators identifiable through a branded seal on shopfronts.

Adelaide Welcomes You

The pilot program is being led by the Australia China Business Council (ACBC) with the support of the Adelaide City Council and launching prior to the arrival of the new China Southern direct flight from Guangzhou in December 2016.

The Retail engagement is being driven by a WeChat platform, linking local businesses and a Welcome to Adelaide CBD map highlighting the Eight Scenic Views (八景 ).

The Adelaide City Council is supporting the initiative by promoting the service in key transport routes across the city,and enabling local businesses to be involved through Welcome project signage identifiers.

Feedback from visitors, operators and WeChat platform content will be used in developing an ongoing service for visitors.

SASDConnect - strengthening business ties between South Australia and Shandong Province

SASD Connect ACBC Shandong

SASD Connect is a unique platform designed to connect businesses in South Australia and Shandong, China. Driven by Local Government, the platform provides a supported pathway for South Australian business to competitively target China’s third and fourth tier markets. SASD Connect leverages the strong relationship between sister states South Australia and Shandong, and is the result of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in May 2015.



For more information, please contact lisa.odonoghue@acbc.com.au

DPC Shandong Mission 2016