Chinese investors looking at new opportunities in Australian health brands

Between June 27 and June 29, ACBC Victoria supported the China Medical Pharmaceutical Material Association (CMPMA), the only pharmaceutical retail chain association in China, for the inaugural Australia-China Complementary Health Products Expo at the Pullman Hotel, Albert Park. The Expo marked the opening of the first Complementary Healthy Product Association Inc (CHPA) overseas branch in Melbourne.  CHPA aims to establish branches in 30 countries across the world. 

The Expo hosted over 400 high level delegates from China and over 200 Australian pharmaceutical and health products companies. The Expo was held in response to growing interest by Chinese pharmaceutical companies in Australian health products. Chinese companies are not only looking to import Australian products to sell in their own stores, they are hungry to buy up entire health companies.

A Hong Kong firm took over market leader Swisse last year and we are now seeing more and more leading pharmaceutical companies from China visiting Australia to run the ruler over other opportunities. These companies are interested in buying brands and pharmacy chains, building connections, buying 100% shares, as well learning more about Australia’s technology in the sector.

Mr Shoujun Ma, who was the head of the visiting delegation to Melbourne, owns 400 pharmacies in China and represents 240,000 pharmacies in the China Pharmaceutical Material Association. In an interview with ABC reporters, Mr Ma said that “many of the [delegates] have the potential to invest in Australia”. This can be attributed to the ratification of the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement, which has greatly strengthened the economic relationship.

Radek Sali, COE of Swisse, said at the Expo that Swisse has now “turned into an organisation that can now take on a global opportunity.” Swisse claims to be the market leader in China, accounting for 6% of Alibaba’s total sales in the category and taking approximately 19% market share in Australia. Blackmores, Swisse’s key competitor in China, hit highs of $220 a share in January and has seen profits surge 80% in the last 4-year results, very much driven by China which accounts for around 40% of their sales.  

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Victoria: Growing Business Opportunities with China Project

The Australia China Business Council Victoria, in partnership with Regional Development Victoria, is focussing on ‘Growing Business Opportunities with China’.  In the light of the historic China Australia Free Trade Agreement, Victoria is poised to take advantage of even greater bilateral trade with our close neighbour.

A series of regional forums were recently held to provide export and trade information tailored specifically for regional business communities and to offer a platform to discuss issues and opportunities with business colleagues and industry experts. These business-to-business sessions across Victoria were an outstanding success.

Our specialist speakers covered topics such as export and trade advice, cultural differences, logistics, the use of trade data and also highlighted case studies of businesses already working successfully in the China market. 

The Australia China Business Council is pleased to invite you to view videos of our expert speakers’ presentations by clicking here.

Following the success of our regional forums, we have established a China Business Network Website dedicated to connecting Victorian businesses with China, allowing us to disseminate information and support local businesses. To visit the website, please click here.

To see what ACBC is doing in the regions, see the video below. 


Further details about this project can be provided by contacting:

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ACBC Victoria CEO, Virginia Birrell (03) 9027 5606

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