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(SOLD OUT) Melbourne: 'Dairy Products, Infant Formula and the China Market' 乳制品、婴儿配方奶粉和中国市场

24 February 2015

Minter Ellison Lawyers, Level 23, Rialto Towers 525 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 维多利亚州墨尔本市,柯林斯街525号瑞拓大厦23层,铭德律师事务所,邮编VIC 3000

Date:   Tuesday 24 February 2015 
日期:  2015年2月24日星期二
Time:   12.15pm for 12.30pm to 2.00pm Luncheon
时间  中午12点15分入场,12点半至2点,午餐及演讲
Venue: Minter Ellison Lawyers, Level 23, Rialto Towers 525 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 

地点:  维多利亚州墨尔本市,柯林斯街525号瑞拓大厦23层,铭德律师事务所,邮编VIC 3000

Cost:    $45 for ACBC Members, $65 for non-ACBC Members

费用:  澳中商会会员价格45澳元,非会员价格65澳元

RSVP:   or send an email with the subject of 'Infant' to events.acbcvic@acbc.com.auAlternatively, please call (03) 9027 5606 to RSVP.
答复邀请:可点击或发送电子邮件至 events.acbcvic@acbc.com.au邮件主题请标明“Infant”。或者也可致电澳中商会,电话号码为 (03) 9027 5606

Australia China Business Council Victoria is pleased to host a luncheon seminar on the opportunities, challenges and practicalities of exporting Australian dairy products, including infant formula into China.

Last year, Australia exported nearly 4,000 tonnes of infant formula to China, totalling almost AU$76 million. Following the historic negotiations to enter into a free trade agreement with China, there has been significant publicity recently about the increased opportunities for Australian dairy farmers and the strong performance of infant formula producers on the ASX. But how do these positive trends translate into increased production, export volumes and sales to China?

Join two industry leaders for informative presentations, networking, Q&A and learn how and why Australia is well placed to deliver a clean, premium dairy products to the Chinese market.


About the Speakers


Jan Carey, CEO, Infant Nutrition Council of Australia and New Zealand 

洁恩 Ÿ 凯利女士,澳大利亚及新西兰婴儿营养委员会首席执行官

Jan Carey is the CEO of the Infant Nutrition Council and was previously the Executive Director of both IFMAA and NZIFMA for the past 2 years, prior to their amalgamation. She is the industry on the Ministry of Health’s Compliance Panel in New Zealand. In 2013 Jan was appointed to the Executive of the Governing Board for the International Special Dietary Food Industries Association (ISDI).  ISDI is based in Brussels, represents the industry globally at Codex, World Health Assembly meetings and WHO Executive Board meetings. 
洁恩 Ÿ 凯利女士是澳大利亚及新西兰婴儿营养委员会的首席执行官,此前两年,担任澳大利亚婴儿配方奶粉制造商协会(IFMAA)与新西兰婴儿配方奶粉营销商协会(NZIFMA)两个协会的执行总监,后两机构合并。凯利女士是新西兰卫生部合规审查委员会内部的业界代表。2013年凯利女士被任命为国际特别营养食品业协会(ISDI)理事会的行政主管。国际特别营养食品业协会(ISDI)总部位于布鲁塞尔,代表行业出席食品法典、世界卫生大会以及世界卫生组织执行董事会的全球会议。

Phillip Tracy, Chairman, Murray Goulburn
飞利浦 Ÿ 崔奇先生,迈高公司董事长
Phillip Tracy was elected to the board of Murray Goulburn in 2009 and elected Chairman of Murray Goulburn in November 2011. He is also Chairman of the Remuneration and Nominations Committee and a member of the Supplier Relations Committee.
飞利浦 Ÿ 崔奇先生于2009年入选迈高公司董事会,2011年11月当选为董事长,同时担任薪酬与提名委员会主席,也是供应商关系委员会的成员。
He is a chartered accountant by training and has a Bachelor of Economics and Commerce and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Murray Goulburn in Australia’s largest food company, employing over 2000 staff, with an annual turnover of $2.4 Billion

He is also a 'hands on' dairy farmer at Yanakie in Gippsland, Victoria.

Seating is limited, please book early! Members will receive priority consideration.