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South Australia

ACBC SA: Tame the Tiger with Leonie McKeon

26 May 2020

Norman Waterhouse, Level 11, 431 King William Street, Adelaide

ACBC South Australia warmly welcomes you to attend our event Tame the Tiger – the Art of Chinese Negotiation with Leonie McKeon

The 36 Chinese Strategies (derived from Sun Tzu’s - ‘The Art of War’) are often described as ‘gems’ that speak to the core of Chinese society. Most Chinese people know and unconsciously use these strategies to negotiate on a daily basis.

Leonie McKeon is an Australian China-educated strategist and international author who advises Western business people on how to navigate their way through deals with the Chinese people. She has worked and travelled in the Greater China Region for several years where she learnt Mandarin, and through these hands-on experiences discovered that ‘everything is negotiable’.

It became clear to Leonie that a crucial part of understanding Chinese negotiation tactics is to have some knowledge of the 36 Chinese Strategies. Leonie delivers workshops on the 36 Chinese Strategies, and is a conference presenter and a business consultant. For Leonie it is very clear that your best asset when dealing with China is knowledge of the Chinese negotiating culture, which is the 36 Chinese Strategies.