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New South Wales

Sydney: Pronouncing Chinese Names Workshop

12 November 2019

Pronouncing Chinese Names - Claire Pisani & Jenny Li

If you met President Xi Jinping, would you know how to pronounce his name? How about Ms Xuefei Cai, or Mr Wenqi Zhang?

For non-Chinese speakers, pronouncing Chinese surnames can seem intimidating. However, by mastering a small number of rules, you can pronounce the majority of Chinese surnames you will encounter.

In so doing, you will demonstrate respect and help break down cultural barriers with Chinese customers and partners.

In this workshop, the presenters will give an introduction to the basics of Pinyin (the romanisation system for Chinese) and explain how to navigate common Chinese surnames in Mandarin. Attendees will also leave with a handy cheat sheet to remind them of the skills learnt during the workshop for future use.

Come along with your whole team to lift the China capability of your business in this small but important way.

At this workshop, the presenters will cover:

  • Introduction to the basics of Mandarin pronunciation

  • Pronunciation of the most common Chinese names.

  • Suggestions for building rapport with Chinese counterparts through names.


Event details

Date: Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm

Location: Accru Felser, Level 6, 1 Chifley Square, Sydney



Speaker Bios

Jenny Li, Chinese Language Teacher

Jenny Li is a professional Chinese Language Teacher and former University Lecturer of English language in Guangzhou, China. She has extensive experience teaching both languages and their underlying cultures.

Jenny is a Masters graduate of Oxford Brookes University in the UK. She now helps English-speaking students to confidently communicate in both Mandarin and Cantonese, focusing on articulation and developing fluent conversation. Jenny’s work with Chinese Entrée promotes excellent interpersonal communication and cross cultural awareness, which are essential to support International Business Communication.


Claire Pisani, Founder Culture Confidence

Claire Pisani is a Communication Coach and a Career Coach, specialising in communication across cultures. She founded Chinese Entrée to help English speakers quickly develop some basic Chinese language capability. Chinese Entrée works because the conversational Mandarin Chinese is delivered using a new approach – the way English speakers need to learn.

Claire is an MBA Strategist and a Problem Solver, with 15 years of experience in Australian Corporations. She also has an Education degree, and she helps overseas-born professionals to improve professional communication in the English-speaking business world, for Sales and Business Development.

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