Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events

Sydney: Chinese Investment Trends in Australia + Networking Drinks

Melbourne: Capturing the Chinese Tourist Market with Bill Lang

ACBC SA I Connecting with Chinese Business Migrants in South Australia

Sydney: 'How to Pick Your Next Winning Product for China' Workshop - Cross Cultural Communication Series

Brisbane: ACBC QLD Property & Construction Market Update and Mid-Year Networking Event

Sydney: ACBC China Business Ready Breakfast - The Current China Media Landscape

ACBC Vic: Agribusiness Trade & Policy Briefing

ACBC Members Only Event: Shanghai Nonlocal Enterprises Federation (SNEF) Delegation

Pre-Drinks & Networking - 2019 Canberra Networking Day

Canberra Networking Day 2019

Melbourne: Sustainable Property Development and the Rise of Intelligent Technology

ACBC Victoria: Annual Education Forum

ACBC SA I Lunch with Australia's new Ambassador to China, Mr Graham Fletcher

Sydney: WeChat Strategy - Seize the China Market with Tencent

ACBC Victoria: Seize the China Market with Tencent: Creating an Effective WeChat Strategy

Brisbane: Blockchain and Future Tech: Implications for Australia China Trade

Brisbane: Sourcing and Manufacturing in China Minus the Pitfalls, Risks and Mistakes

Melbourne: Future Leaders' Forum Networking Drinks (July)

Brisbane: Corporate Governance Essentials

ACBC Victoria: China Insights with Tom Parker

Melbourne: Best Practice for Doing Business in China with Watermark IP

Melbourne: Future Leaders' Forum Networking Event (September)

Melbourne: Future Leaders' Forum Networking Event (November)

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