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South Australia

ACBC SA | Investment Masterclass 3: Building a knockout elevator pitch and negotiating a deal

14 May 2019

PwC Adelaide Level 11, 70 Franklin Street Adelaide, SA 5000

So ... you've developed a standout product and have been eyeing off the Chinese market, doing your homework, getting ready to land that amazing investment deal. You know ... the deal that is going to smash open the door to the Chinese market and take your business to a whole new level of global engagement. Right? 

Now, how do you condense all of your amazing work into a three minute elevator pitch?

How do you make sure that when the opportunity to tell your story arrives you absolutely nail it?

How do you then further open the conversation to enter into a period of negotiation?

Ultimately, how do you seal the deal?

Join us for this third installment of the Investment Accelerator, where industry experts in pitching, deal making and negotiation will make sure you are prepared for those crunch moments which really matter.


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