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South Australia

ACBC SA | Digital Marketing Accelerator 1: How to run effective social media campaigns for the Chinese market

02 April 2019

PwC Adelaide Level 11, 70 Franklin Street Adelaide, SA 5000

Chinese social media: it can be unfamiliar and daunting, but it's packed with unimaginable opportunity. And for the Chinese market this is where it all happens, from first point of contact with your business or product right up to payment.

This masterclass offers your business the opportunity to gain a new depth of market understanding so that you can operate at the forefront of technology and Chinese consumer culture

This masterclass will cover:

  • Today's China digital landscape 
  • Knowing your audience
  • Three key factors: channels, community, content marketing
  • On-trend approaches to digital marketing campaigns (with hand picked case studies), including using mini-programs, videos and KOLs


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