Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events

Perth: ACBC (WA) Energy & Resources Committee Sundowner

Logan - ChAFTA Training Program

Sydney: Connect with Leaders from Guangdong Province

Adelaide: ACBC China Business Ready Program

Canberra/Queanbeyan - ChAFTA Training Program

Melbourne: Responding to Viral Hepatitis in China

Melbourne: China Anti-Bribery and Corruption - DFAT Update and Case Studies

Melbourne: How to Influence Chinese Consumers Effectively

Brisbane: China Market Entry - People and Product Registration

Sydney: May 2017 SME Roundtable

Melbourne: Understanding China's Regulations, Compliance and Importation Procedures

Wollongong - ChAFTA Training Program

NT delegation One belt One Road Expo Xian

Melbourne: SME Briefing Series

Melbourne: Essential Chinese Phrases for Doing Business with China

Canberra Networking Day Update

Sydney: June 2017 SME Roundtable

Perth: ACBC (WA) Member Networking Drinks hosted by Deloitte

Melbourne: Paspaley Pearl Discovery and Launch of the ACBC Executive Women's Forum

Melbourne: Save the Date - Education Forum 2017

Melbourne: Ettiquette, Negotiation and Cultural Sensitivity

Sydney: July 2017 SME Roundtable

Sydney: August 2017 SME Roundtable

Perth: ACBC (WA) vs. CCCA (Perth Branch) Ping Pong Friendship Games 2017

Perth: DATE TBC - ACBC (WA) Member Networking Drinks

Sydney: September 2017 SME Roundtable

Perth: Save the Date - ACBC (WA) & CCCA Perth Branch, China National Day Celebrations

Sydney: October 2017 SME Roundtable

Perth: DATE TBC - ACBC (WA) Member Networking Drinks hosted by PwC

Sydney: November 2017 SME Roundtable

Sydney: December 2017 SME Roundtable

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