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Celebrating 40 years of the Australia China Council

While 2018 year marks the 40th anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening up, it is also the year that the Australia China Council commemorates its first 40 years. 5 years after Australia began its engagement with the Peoples Republic of China, the ACC was established as an institution within the Australian Government devoted to promote mutual understanding and foster people-to-people relations between Australia and China.

As the ACC looks back on its four-decade long achievements, we caught up with its current Chair, The Hon Warwick Smith, to look back on the work of the ACC to foster ties in economic diplomacy, education and arts and culture. We discuss the work undertakene by the ACC in agriculture in China, arts exchanges that have seen numerous tours of the Australia Ballet to China, The Age helping to set up the China Daily, the first Chinese English language media entity in the PRC and FASIC, the Foundation for Australian studies in China.

Warwick Smith is Senior Managing Director and Chairman for Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (NSW and ACT), and Chairman, Advisory Board of Australian Capital Equity, which holds diverse interests in broadcasting, mining, construction machinery and investments across Australia and Asia. Prior to his current roles, Mr Smith was an Executive Director at Macquarie Bank (1998–2006), Chairman of Asia Society, Chairman of the Australia-China Business Council (2003–2006) and a member of the Federal Parliament from December 1984 to March 1993.

Click here to read all about the amazing achievements and stories of those involved in the Australia-China Council over the past forty years in this captivating publication:

Link: https://dfat.gov.au/people-to-people/foundations-councils-institutes/australia-china-council/40th-anniversary/Pages/the-australia-china-council-the-first-forty-years.aspx