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Why Australia? Chinese Students on Studying Abroad

As we covered back on episode 17 of the podcast, international education has become Australia’s 3rd largest export sector valued at $28 billion. As of 2018, currently more than 166,000 of those students, or 43% of the total cohort come from China to pursue their tertiary study at a reputable and high-quality Australian university. On this episode we look at the motivating factors behind a student in China opting for Australia as a study destination. What exactly goes into their decision-making process?

We speak to a group of Chinese students currently undertaking language training in Melbourne and on the verge of beginning their university studies. We take a look at the role international university rankings play in their decision in choosing to study in Australia and how Australia compares to America, the UK and Canada in the minds of prospective students. We also hear what they tell their family and friends about their first impressions and expectations studying here, the products their families want sent to them and whether they intend to look for work in Australia or return to China after completing their degree.