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Refining your Long Term Brand Strategy for China

From 5th to 10th this November, Shanghai will host the inaugural China International Import Expo or CIIE. Timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, CIIE is China’s new mega-expo that aims to host 2,800 companies from 130 countries with over 160,000 Chinese buyers expected to attend. Aside from its size, CIIE is significant in signaling China’s trade liberalization and desire to open up its market to the world.

With China becoming an increasingly competitive market, it’s vital to understand how to make your product stand out and align with Chinese tastes. On this episode we speak with Andrew Kuiler from The Silk Initiative in Shanghai about refining your long term brand strategy in China. We discuss the Chinese consumer’s evolving tastes, the central government’s health targets and considerations businesses need to take regarding the labelling, packaging and flavours of their products from a company with extensive China market experience with clients such as Arnot’s, PepsiCo, Campbells, Pizza Hut Mccain Foods and Brolos Lobsters. 

Andrew Kuiler is the founder and CEO of The Silk Initiative, China’s only specialised food and beverage insights-driven brand consultancy. A native Australian, Andrew managed a global career where he quickly climbed the ladder of large agencies in Shanghai, New York, and Sydney before carving out his own path with the launch of TSI. I hope you enjoy our discussion.

TSI Online - https://www.thesilkinitiative.com/

Andrew Kuiler, email - andrew@thesilkinitiative.com , LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-kuiler-0500093

If you’re attending CIIE, Andrew and TSI will be hosting an event in Shanghai on the 8th of November on how to leverage any new leads CIIE may present to you. 

To see how TSI, prepare West Australian rocklobsters for the China market, check out the video below