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Charity in China

On this episode we speak with Deanne Bevan from the OneSky Foundation on operating a charity in China. Deanne explains how OneSky originally got started and achieved registration as an NGO charity in China. We look at the wonderful work OneSky does with children across China and how it delivers child care capabilities and training to China's emerging charity sector. We also discuss China's new charity law, the growing philanthropy sector in China and how donors get involved with the Foundation.

Before joining OneSky, Deanne had a long corporate career with McDonald’s, including as Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Training & Development in the Australian company and international roles in Asia.  She has served on several Australian Boards and chaired the 1998 Review of the Affirmative Action (Equal Opportunity for Women) Act and chaired the Ministerial Advisory Board for the Commonwealth EEO Agency.  Deanne holds a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Arts. She lives in Melbourne with her husband, Guy and son, Jack.

To find out more about One Sky, please visit:

www.onesky.org.au - OneSky Australia
www.onesky.org  - OneSky (US & global network)

www.chbaf.org/en - Chunhui Children’s Foundation (in English)
www.chbaf.org/cn - Chunhui Children’s Foundation (in Chinese)