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Reporting from China

On this episode we speak with the ABC’s China Correspondent Bill Birtles on covering China for an Australian audience. We discuss sourcing stories as diverse as waste, the economy, trade war, the AFL in China, Chinese politics, the Australia-China relationship, Chinese millennials and even the rare issue dog meat in China. We look at the life of a foreign correspondent in Beijing from responding to stories as they break, utilising Chinese language in interviews, VISA renewal and gaining access to Chinese government spokespeople. Bill also shares his experience working for Chinese English language media and what the average Chinese person thinks of Australia.

Bill Birtles has been the ABC's China Corresponedent since 2015, covering the rise of Xi Jinping, the trade war as well as the rapid changes in Chinese society. He’s travelled the country from north to south to bring audiences stories on everything from china’s big business football push to science and engineering breakthroughs. 

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