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The Next Generation of Chinese Wine Drinkers

As the Chinese middle class continues to grow from around 430 million today to a forecasted 780 million by the mid 2020s, so too are we witnessing an evolution in the tastes and preferences of the Chinese consumer.

And when it comes to how Australia can best serve China’s evolving pallet, wine is surely one of the leading products China’s growing middle class demands in higher and higher numbers. In fact, a March 2018 Wine Australia Export Report had the value Australian wine exports to China breaking through the $1 billion mark for the first time. What’s more, Australian wine to China is growing at a rate of 51%. And with the China Australia Free Trade Agreement seeing tariffs entirely removed by January 2019, the prospects of more Australian wine at the Chinese dinner table look bright

On this episode we speak with Katherine Brown from one of Australia’s most iconic wine brands, Brown Brothers, that has been making wine in Victoria for over 125 years. Katherine is the eldest daughter of Ross and Judy Brown and is wine maker and brand ambassador at Brown Brothers. Having been born with the industry in her veins, she’s embraced taking on the role in the family business since 2010, and in 2012 Katherine was named one of 15 future wine industry leaders and accepted into the ‘Australian Wine Industry Future Leaders’ program.

We discuss the types of wine popular in China, how the Chinese wine consumer is evolving, pairing wine with Chinese food and how Brown Brothers is making its mark with a new generation of wine drinkers in China.

For Wine Australia's latest Export Market Report, visit here: https://www.wineaustralia.com/au/market-insights/australian-wine-exports

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